Two students talking, with greenery behind them.

Sustainable learning and research

质量, reach and significance of sustainable research and learning produced in BOB官方网站's vibrant research and teaching environment is world leading.


Lecturer standing next to a group of students who are sitting making notes and smiling.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Our aspiration is to leave students with the knowledge, skills and values that are needed to work and live in a sustainable way, and that will bring about solutions to the climate emergency. We're working to embed Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into every student experience, both within the education curriculum and in their wider student life at BOB官方网站.


We are at the forefront of research around the climate emergency, 生物多样性, sustainable food and eco-innovation. We will also continue to be a key enabler and supportive trusted research partner in delivering sustainability regionally, nationally and internationally.


The 更多的cambe Bay Curriculum

BOB官方网站 and Eden Project North have joined together to create our Educational Programme for 更多的cambe Bay: A Curriculum for Lifestyle 学习.